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3-4:30 PM - Registration

4:30 PM - Opening Vision Session 1
Connecting Generations at the Core of Worship, Education and Pastoral Care with Conference Host Rev. Jen Rome and Faith Inkubators’ Founder Rev. Dr. Rich Melheim

5:30 PM - Dinner (Aspen Dining Room)

6:30 PM - Case Study 1: Nothing to Lose
Rev. David Hansen: Congregational Redevelopment with Cross+Gen at the Core

6:50 PM - Case Study 2: New Life on the Cross+Gen Playground

Rev. Karen Ware Jackson: The story of a little church making space for the whole family of God in worship

7:10 PM - Case Study 3: From Canoe to Cruise Ship
Dr. Dawn Alitz: The recently-appointed Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning at Luther Seminary in St. Paul; Dawn shares her experiences in installing weekly Cross+Gen in a small church, a large church, and now across the greater church

7:30 PM - Breakout Session 1
Choose one Case Study Presenter (Case Studies 1-3) who resonated with you and go deep into their methods and models for Cross+Gen ministry. Will their model work in your setting? Ask the hard questions. Go deep before you go wide!

8:30 PM - Spiritual Imagination, Cross+Gen Faith Formation and the Postmodern Church
Dr. David Lose will unpack Deuteronomy 5 and its reflection on the Exodus story as it relates to opening up the Scriptures as a meaningful story by which to make sense of our lives and Cross+Gen faith formation in a 21st century setting.


7:00 – 8:15 AM Breakfast (Aspen Dining Room)

8:30 AM - Vision Session 2: Designing Cross+Gen Worship for the Post-TV World
Hosts Rev. Jen Rome and Dr. Rich Melheim

9:15 AM - Case Study 4: Baby Steps
Michelle Basner-Ketepa: Bringing Children Back to the Sanctuary

9:35 AM - Case Study 5: Rural Cross+Gen
Rev. Matt Larson: One Size Fits Most!

9:55 AM - Case Study 6: Vivid Worship!
Bonnie Deroski: What happens when an actress, talent agent, Kidmin director and marketing guru designs Cross+Gen worship?

10:15 AM - Break

10:30 AM - Breakout Session 2
Choose one Case Study Presenter (Case Studies 4-6) who resonated with you and go deep into their methods and models for Cross+Gen to see if they might work in your setting.

11:30 AM – Exploring Exodus 3 & 4 as They Relate to Postmodern Preaching, Teaching and Reaching in a Cross+Gen Faith Community
Dr. David Lose

12:30 PM - Lunch (Aspen Dining Room)

2:00 PM - Case Study 7: From S’mores to Snow
Rev. Sara Yotter: Integrating FAITH5 into Worship and Daily Life for All Ages 

2:20 PM - Case Study 8: In the In Between
Rev. Patti Morlock: Experiences of Cross+Gen in Intentional Interim Ministry

2:40 PM - Case Study 9: Great Expectations
Rev. Natalie Gessert Hall: Facing Intense Passion for and Against Cross+Gen Faith Formation (in the same church!)

3:00 PM - Break

3:30 PM - Breakout Session 3
Choose one Case Study Presenter (Case Studies 7-9) and… yeah… you got it.

4:30 PM - Panel: The Past, Present and Future of the Cross+Gen Movement
Original conveners of the Cross+Gen Movement and Case Study Presenters from the red “Let’s Kill Sunday School (before it kills the church)” book share their insights, battle scars and success stories about how and why the movement began, what they learned along the way, and where they see the movement going. 

5:30 PM – Dinner (Aspen Dining room)

7:00 PM - Vision Session 3: Every Age Has Gifts We Need and Every Age Has Needs We GIFT
Rev. Jen Rome and Dr. Rich Melheim

8:00 PM - Reception with President David Lose, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Enjoy food and beverages at an informal reception with Dr. David Lose. This is your opportunity to engage with David in a conversation about the future of seminary education in the church.


7:00 – 8:15 AM Breakfast (Aspen Dining Room)

8:30 AM - Next Generation Faith Formation Methods and Models
Dr. David Lose: David will continue to unpack Psalm 78 as it relates to spiritual imagination and Cross+Gen faith formation in the postmodern church. 

9:30 AM - Case Study 10: Sunday Schooling Our Kids Out of Church
Rev. Tim Wright: How one church dropped Sunday School to save its soul!

9:50 AM - Case Study 11: Circle of Blessing
Linda Staats, M.S.: Wisdom from 40 years of experimenting with Cross+Gen ministries

10:10 AM - Case Study 12: Against the Flow
Kristin Johnson: One Church’s Journey into GIFT Ministry (Generations In Faith Together)

10:30 AM - Breakout Session 4
Choose one Case Study Presenter (Case Studies 10-12) who resonated with you and go deep into their methods and models for Cross+Gen ministry to see if it would work in your setting.

11:30 AM - Vision Session 4: Customizing a Strategic Plan for Cross+Gen Ministries
Rev. Jen Rome and Dr. Rich Melheim: It’s time to get practical. You’ve heard multiple models and methods for Cross+Gen Ministries from our Case Study pioneers. You’ve had time to reflect on your own situation and opportunities. Now it’s time to begin to shape your customized plan. 

12:30 PM - Lunch (On Your Own)



OPTION 1: Free Time  

If you need a break about now, take the afternoon off to enjoy the mountain air, the swimming pool, the wildlife, or the shopping in Estes Park. Or invite a Case Study Presenter for a time of conversation! 

OPTION 2 @ 1:30 PM - Cross+Gen Catechism 2017

What would you think about celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation by preaching and teaching from one end of Luther’s Small Catechism to the other and discussing it using FAITH5 (SHARE, READ, TALK, PRAY, BLESS) for a full year of Cross+Gen faith encounters? Spend time with Rich Melheim and walk away with a plan that will have the whole church agreeing: “This is most certainly fun!”

OPTION 3 @ 1:30 PM: Faith Inkubators’ Resources

Faith Inkubators’ Resources Specialist, Amy Kippen, will show the latest in resources and answer any questions you might have about their use.



Take a walk in the mountain air and listen for the trumpeting elk. Stroll down the streets in Estes Park and do some shopping. Visit the historic Stanley Hotel (a la “The Shining”) and enjoy the night, the conversations and the breeze with friends old and new. Dinner is on your own at a local restaurant or at the cafeteria at Estes Park.


7:00 – 8:15 AM Breakfast (Aspen Dining Room)

8:30 AM - Vision Session 5: The Wisdom and the Wonder
Dr. Rich Melheim: It is time to tie it all together. The elder needs the child as much as the child needs the elder! We will look at simple models that honor the gifts, needs, and talents of all generations on Sunday, and intentionally spill out into caring conversations and faith encounters every night in every home.

10:00 – 10:45 AM - Speed Dating with Rev. Jen Rome
A crazy, rapid-fire hour where YOU are the Case Study. Meet a leader from a different church every three minutes and share what you’re going to try to launch in your setting when you get home. Almost got your plan in place? Ready to name it and claim it out loud? Go!

10:45 AM – Walk to the Chapel for Worship

11:00 AM - Closing Worship: Reaching Children Yet Unborn with Dr. David Lose
David will close us with a return to the Exodus story by exploring the songs of Moses and Miriam (Exodus 15) as they relate to adaptive change and the unique challenges to the church of the 21st century church.

*This schedule is subject to change.

Click here for printable versions of the Schedule and Case Study descriptions.