Vision Sessions

If there was no such thing as Sunday School, what would you invent to build resilient disciples of Jesus for the post-Gutenberg, post-television, neo-Google world? Join Dr. Rich Melheim, curator of the Cross+Gen movement, and three of the original members of our team as we look at systems thinking, adaptive change management, and the preferable future of faith formation in the post-Sunday school world.

Vision Session #1:
Cross+Gen Life Every Week at Church and Every Night in Every Home

Dr. Rich Melheim and Amy Kippen

Faith Inkubators began as a question, “How can we best incubate adolescent faith?” Twenty-five years of relationships, experimentation, struggle and successes followed, leading to a firm and continuing commitment that faith is best formed in the richness of a Cross+Gen community,

            A. Every week at church, and

            B. Every night in every home

Dr. Rich and Amy will launch our time together by looking back, telling stories, and sharing solid convictions formed along this journey into systems thinking.


Vision Session #2:
Eduworship, Text and the Work of the People

Dr. Rich Melheim and REV. Sara Yotter

Words have power. We shape our language, then our language shapes us. It is time to name, claim and reframe the central language of the church. In this session Rich will challenge us with new perspectives on educatin, worship, liturgy and pastoral care for the post-Gutenberg, post-television world. Sara will explain how blending education, worship, care, creativity and s’mores with FAITH5 and every generation in the same sacred space every week brings new life and surprising joy to a church.


Vision Session #3:
Pastor, Family and Cross+Gen Congregation

Dr. Rich Melheim and Dr. Brian Hughes

 What is the role of pastor in the Cross+Gen movement? What was and is the richest, most broad definition of family (oikos) in the pre- and post-Christendom worlds? In this session Rich and Brian will stretch your imagination on how we define and refine the work of pastors, families and congregations as we lay out the architectural plans for building the post-building Cross+Gen church. 


Vision Session #4:
What Now?

Dr. Rich Melheim

What is it that you now know to be true? What is it that you now know you’ve got to do? In this session Rich will lead you back to the essentials to help you create a spectacular future for Cross+Gen Life at your church.